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Classroom Training Software (STEM)

The XSPEC Aviation Classroom Training Software is a stand-alone teaching aid for STEM students that expands upon the idea of drawing aircraft instruments on the traditional whiteboard. This software is designed to accustom and familiarize students with basic and advanced aircraft instrument behaviors, most effectively before simulator or real-world flight time.

The idea of teaching students instrument and aircraft behavior with the white board and pencil plane is nothing new; we've seen it in almost every flight school we've been to. Until now, it has been necessary to draw these instruments on a white board to help students visualize particular topics like attitude bank or vertical speed.




Why it makes sense

The time you'll save alone not drawing instruments (and the strain on your hand) will be worth it alone; but look at some more notable features the XSPEC Aviation Classroom Trainer Software offers:

  • Built on FAA Approved Software
  • 6 different languages
  • Teaches standard instrument scan early
  • Orthodox, standard instruments like KI525 HSI
  • 4 aircraft to show the difference in airpseed indicators and their V-Speeds
  • Demonstrate every behavior of all 8 instruments in the standard analog instrument pack
  • Control instruments like never before to show failures
  • STEM-software helps students visualize instrument behaviors without the need for a flight simulator
  • 3D plane model represents attitude and heading indicator; bank and pitch while watching a virtual plane represent these behaviors!

Never before has this kind of control been possible in computer aided training software. You may use flash cards; but not all 8 instruments can possibly be represented- and if you equip 10 to 20 students with all 8 flash cards the cost becomes comparable. Also, you can display this software on a large-format display allowing dozens of students to learn at once. This software was built with every STEM school in mind; all over the world.

Your CFI will find the software easy to use, and the students will have fun using it! Attract STEM students and provide value like never before!



Value and Support

This software is supported like our simulators, and includes free updates for our 5 year roadmap we have for this software. Updates will include, but aren't limited to; more aircraft, more instruments, more features, more languages and more options to tweak the user experience. You'll be e-mailed regarding future updates, and can download them from the internet instantly or receive an additional USB key at no charge.

We offer one on one personalized support for this software; and will be listening to your feedback as we implement our roadmap of updates until 2024. At any time; you can email us any problem and we'll sort it out right away.

Also, if you have more than one CFI or teacher at your company- it's only necessary to purchase one copy. The listed price is for a single company, and can be installed on multiple computers within the company.

For flight schools all over the world, the XSPEC Classroom Training Software has been translated into 5 additional languages:

  • Filipino
  • Greek
  • Swahili
  • Spanish
  • Dutch

With all these features and support considered; the XSPEC Classroom Training Software makes sense both educationally and financially.


Classroom Trainer Software

XSPEC Aviation Classroom Trainer Software for STEM and Flight Schools Only 119$ for PC

EULA covers (1) one company use w/ unlimited installs. 24 hour support guaranteed.

Click here to visit our eBay store and purchase Classroom Trainer Software!

Please note; refunds on this software is not available. All sales on software digital activation codes are final.

Please read EULA and System Requirements below before purchasing.

System Requirements:
Windows 7 or later (64 bit) Windows 10 Recommended.**

1920x1080 resolution monitor (1080p LCD, 1080p projector, ect.)

**Windows 10 Users Please Setting Display Scaling to 100%

100Mb Free HDD Space

Mouse / Keyboard Input

**Works best on either desktop computers, or mobile computers such as laptops that are plugged into AC power.


EULA Agreement:
This software is not "SOLD" but instead "LICENSED" to the "ORGANIZATION".
and is licensed to the end-user organization. This software(s) or any parts of it is not to be copied, shared, or modified in any way.
This software is not intended for real-world training. Use only as a reference tool.
"ORGANIZATION" refers to the customer, end-users, facility and ultimately the company using this software.
Trading, Selling or Copying your key is a breach of this EULA and is grounds for license loss and/or legal action, do not support
software piracy.

By visiting our eBay store and purchasing this software, you agree to the above EULA Agreement and your system meets or exceeds the system requirements listed above.


Does this work with iPad or iPhone?

No. It's only compatible with Windows based computers.


Do I need a flight simulator to use this? Does it work with a flight simulator?

No. It's a stand-alone program.


How do I use this?

Put the USB flash drive into your Windows computer and run the "Install" program. After installation, launch "XSPEC Classroom Training Software" from your Start menu.


It keeps saying incorrect serial / key when I try to activate the software?

The key is an upper and lower case combination of characters and numbers; if you can't read it from the side of the USB stick then copy the text from the key / serial text file on the root of the flash drive. Contact us if you can't get it to activate and we'll help you out.


I got it installed and activated, but now what?

You can begin to manipulate instruments by holding down 'left click' on the knob you want to turn, and begin moving the mouse left or right. Don't worry, if you reach the edge of the screen the mouse will wrap back around to the other side- just keep moving left or right with your mouse and release the left click when done. If you need more information, click the "Help" button in the 'Instrument Control Panel' or Contact Us for a one-on-one session.


I have multiple instructors / teachers , I can't spend $1,000 or more on this software!

That's the beauty of this software, the license is for an entire company and includes unlimited installs for that company. So it doesn't matter if you have 1 instructor, 10 instructors or even 100 students- every one in your company or organization (active students, multiple locations, ect.) is covered under the EULA.


Shouldn't there be more features? Does it fly on it's own?

This software is supported by an 'in-progress' 5 year roadmap that will include feature additions as well as enhancements, feature requests and overall improvements to the program. In other words, there's always going to be stuff added to this and no- it doesn't fly on it's own.


What's the point of this software? Couldn't I just use MS Flight Simulator?

That is the point of this software, you don't have to use an external flight simulation software or hardware. Why spend 20 minutes playing with the computer when you just want to show students what your ILS VOR instrument does when you're not on course? Why go through the trouble of having to stall the airplane to show it's VS0? Why spend time climbing to altitude to show what the altimeter looks like? With this software, you set the needles where you want so you can quickly and precisely present your curriculum to the students. Time is money; and students are only there for so many hours a day- don't waste time drawing instruments when it could already be rendered in a valid scan pattern instantly for a lot of students to see.


This sure seems expensive, can't I just download a 5$ app?

This software is built on the same software that drives our XSPEC 142 AATD; which adheres to a higher standard than most consumer created software. However, the main value in this software is the ability to display complex instrument visualizations to a classroom of students; who may need guidance when learning about these instruments. Sure the app can display some instruments on a mobile device; but when it needs to be put on a large format display, controlled by an instructor AND display 8 instruments at once with proper scan pattern- this is pretty much your only option.


What is the cheapest computer I can use this on? Why do I need a 1080p display?

Any computer with at least an Intel Core i3-530 or equivalent. If it has been made in the last 10 years, and has a 1080p screen it will probably run. This software needs the high-definition display to effectively show all 8 instruments and their control knobs without a blocky or tiny appearance. 1080p displays are very common in 2019, and most computer systems are equipped with at least this grade of display. If you have any questions please contact us and we will let you know if your computer supports this software.