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William Hill of XSPEC Aviation

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Aaron Hill of XSPEC Aviation

About Us

XSPEC Aviation is owned and operated by William Hill (Founder / Hardware Engineer) and Aaron Hill (President / Software Engineer).

XSPEC Aviation specializes in remanufacturing pre May-2008 Flight Simulators (AST / FRASCA). We build our training devices on cores that would be very expensive just years ago. Rebuilt with modern technology, our expertise and low financial overhead allow us to provide a very high quality training device at a price point that other companies simply are unable to match.

Since 2012, we have been the leader in flight simulator remanufacturing. We are the first company to successfully remanufacture the FRASCA 142 into an Advanced Aviation Training Device (AATD). We are the first and only FAA Approved re-manufacturer. William Hill has over 30 years in the Aviation industry (8130 Avionics); while Aaron Hill is an award winning programmer- we are a family owned & operated company since 2008.

The XSPEC 142, our flagship device; is our representation of innovation meeting necessity. Our clients need realistic, effective training devices. They cannot settle for an inferior, unrealistic representation. XSPEC Aviation is able to provide similar, realistic training at a fraction of the cost.

William Hill (LinkedIn Profile) specializes in component level analog and digital hardware design and concepts, and is at home with anything RF. He also has previous experience at avionics management, business management, computer programming and flight simulation previous to XSPEC Aviation.

Aaron Hill (LinkedIn Profile) specializes in computer programming with a specialty in 3D graphics, and works closely with hardware designs. Whether it's designing force feedback systems or instrument systems and emulations, our simulators are made from the ground up. He is the 3rd son of William Hill.

XSPEC Aviation is unparalleled in customer support; which is why we offer a two-year warranty. Lifetime remote assistance technical support.

XSPEC Aviation can offer your flight school the flight simulator it needs to maximize profits; and we're a member of Flight School Association North America.

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Air Direct Airways

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Needed high quality, multi-aircraft flight simulator that can fit in a tight place; on a budget.

Before- FRASCA 142 that has lost it's approval and needs upgraded.


After- XSPEC 142, fully FAA Approved (AATD) with full HD 1080p wrap-around visuals.


Riverside Flight Center

Needed affordable FRASCA flight simulator (AATD) repair

FRASCA 141 Riverside Flight Center

Repairs provided at a fraction of the price from the manufacturer very quickly

Lanier Flight Center

Needed affordable AST flight simulator repair

AST Flight Simulator - Repaired by XSPEC Aviation

Repairs provided at a fraction of the price from a competitor, within a comparable time frame



Do I need a simulator core to get a XSPEC simulator?

No; but having a suitable core ( FRASCA or AST ) will save you up to $5,000 on your simulator purchase.

How long does it take to remanufacture a unit?

It can take up to 4 weeks to remanufacture a simulator, however we usually can do it faster if there are no serious issues with the core.

How much does it cost?

The XSPEC 142 is listed at $23,800 with a FRASCA 142 core, and $28,800 without.

Why wouldn't I just buy a new flight simulator, like a Redbird or PFC?

When you compare the features of these units, the choice starts becoming more clear.

What's the FAA Approval on the XSPEC simulator?

The XSPEC 142 is a FAA Approved 'Advanced Aviation Training Device' (AATD).

This is all too expensive, I'll just get a BATD.

You'll only get 10 hours towards each students instrument rating, meaning if you use aircraft in your training curriculum you'll soon feel your maintenance bill increase.

I just wish I could afford a flight simulator!

Honestly, you can't afford to not have a flight simulator. The costs you'll save on aircraft maintenance alone will pay for itself quickly as you use 20 hours towards each students' instrument rating. Also, we offer in-house financing of our XSPEC 142. Low monthly payments that can achieve return of investment (ROI) at less than 1 hour of simulator usage a day.

I have a FRASCA but it's in terrible shape, can you remanufacture it?

Absolutely! You'd be surprised what cores we've gotten and worked with. Contact us today!

Why should I choose XSPEC?

We are a FSANA member, and are a fully-insured Kansas LLC since 2012. XSPEC Aviation is the first company to successfully remanufacture a FRASCA into an AATD.

Why would I remanfuacture my FRASCA instead of fixing it?

The XSPEC 142 has numerous advantages over the older FRASCA 142 simulator, not to mention re-secure your LOA on your previous flight simulator investment. FAA regulations are always changing, choose a platform that can update quickly and effectively.

Can you put custom avionics and/or instruments in my XSPEC 142?

Generally no, but please inquire about certain modifications.