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frasca simulator repair




Is your FRASCA flight simulator malfunctioning?

Do you own a broken FRASCA flight simulator?

Would you like a 2nd quote for your FRASCA repair services?

We offer experienced, manufacturer supported repair services on many of the newer and older FRASCA flight simulators. We are supported by FRASCA, and can offer you a much more affordable quote for your FRASCA repair needs. Our repairs will not compromise your FAA approval. In fact, we are the only FAA approved FRASCA flight simulator re-manufacturer. You can trust our experience with your FRASCA flight simulator; whether it's a 131 or a 242- or anything in between.


Avionics Consulation

Does your Avionics shop need specialty consultation, bench ramp or repair services?

Would you like to expand your aircraft repair shop's A&P to avionics installation?

We offer our 30 years experience in the industry to your avionics repair shop or A&P. If you need help setting up your avionics repair shop, or obtaining your repair license we can help. Shop owners and managers of general aviation aircraft, from airplanes to helicopters can benefit from our expert technical consultation. We can work with or without, your existing avionics technicians. We offer full bench and ramp services for your radar, NAVCOM, autopilot/flight director and more! If you need a temporary avionics technician, trust XSPEC Aviation's 30 years experience in avionics repair and installation.

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