Accurate, Affordable Flight Training Simulation

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We Help Flight Schools Improve the Accuracy, Effectiveness and Affordability of Flight Training With Affordable Simulator & Product Solutions


XSPEC Aviation "Expect Aviation" specializes in re-manufacturing pre May-2008 Flight Simulators (AST / FRASCA).

Re-manufactured from AST / FRASCA cores, your flight school is able to acquire a very high quality training device at a much lower price than a new simulator from a competitor.

We are the first company to successfully re-manufacture the FRASCA 142 into an Advanced Aviation Training Device (AATD) and the first to become an FAA approved simulator re-manufacturer. We build training devices with the latest in modern technology.

You can trust our experience in the industry. William Hill has over 30 years in the Aviation industry (8130 Avionics); while Aaron Hill is an award-winning programmer. XSPEC Aviation is a family owned & operated company since 2008; please click here to learn more.

Compared to the competition, the XSPEC 142 can provide your flight school with the most competitive investment in an AATD.

We offer the most affordable financing available on our flight simulators; competitive rates from Main Street Business Capital will ensure you can easily pay for your XSPEC Aviation training device.

The XSPEC 142 is our flagship device, developed to meet the growing needs of flight schools for realistic, cost effective training.

Our XSPEC Classroom Training Software is our educational STEM software that replaces the need for the traditional whiteboard approach to helping students visualize instrument behaviors during flight. It is built on the same software used in our FAA Approved XSPEC 142 AATD.