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XSPEC Aviation re-manufactures pre-2008 training devices into new FAA Approved AATD.

The XSPEC 142 Single / Multi-Engine Land Trainer has received it's Letter of Approval

(Click here to view the LOA for the XSPEC 142)


Effective January 20, 2015 issued from the FAA:

2. AUTHORIZED USE. Except for specific aircraft type training and testing, an AATD may be approved and authorized for use in accomplishing certain required tasks, maneuvers, or procedures as applicable under 14 CFR parts 61 and 141 as follows:
• Logging instrument flight experience,
• Instrument rating (maximum 20 hours),
• Instrument rating practical test (per FAA-S-8081-4 (circling-to-land not authorized)),
• Instrument proficiency check (per FAA-S-8081-4 (circling-to-land not authorized)),
• Private pilot certificate (maximum 2.5 hours),
• Commercial pilot certificate (maximum 50 hours),
• Commercial pilot practical test (per FAA-S-8081-12),
• Airline transport pilot certificate (maximum 25 hours),
• Airline transport pilot practical test (per FAA-S-8081-5),and
• Part 141 as limited by the applicable appendices, or under a special curriculum approved under part 141, § 141.57.

NOTE: The flight experience allowance for the use of a AATD and the flight experience allowance for a FTD or a flight simulator towards obtaining an instrument rating may be combined. However, that combination may not exceed that allowed under § 61.65 (20 hours maximum) and may not exceed that allowed under part 141, appendix C, paragraph 4(b)(4) (50 percent maximum) of the required training.
NOTE: A part 141 certificated pilot school must obtain a specific authorization for the use of the ATD as part of that pilot school’s approved training curriculum. This authorization must come from the FAA FSDO assigned to that pilot school.

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There has been a lot question about the automatic

disqualification of some Flight Simulators. While AC 61-136

has been cancelled, AC 61-136A has taken it's place. All

BATD and AATD owners should read this AC: